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Our ability to respond to change and simultaneously maintain our standards of performance and safety is at the core of our purpose. This places us in a unique position within the industry and region, and our objective is to instill this ethic in all of our activities, our engineering and management professionals, our field personnel and our labor relations.

Our Mission

Hs Multitech Electrical Ltd  mission is to provide an unwavering commitment to quality, performance and safety. We perform our work under many of the most challenging construction conditions without compromising service and integrity.


In tandem with our corporate mission statement, these six core values encompass the character of Hs Multitech Electrical Ltd.  They underscore our commitment to people, professionalism, and accountability.  They define us as a company and delineate where we are not willing to compromise.


Our people, like our company, are family.  We will not waiver in our commitment to the communities where we work and live.


We deliver unique solutions to challenging problems. Continuous improvement is critical to our success.


Personal and corporate accountability are critical to our success. We perform our role with excellence and do what we say we are going to do.


We are all leaders. We lead by example with integrity, empathy, and respect.


We treat each other with respect. We acknowledge the different ways all of us contribute to being a strong and successful company.


Hs Multitech Electrical Ltd is nothing without you. The safety and success of our people are of the greatest importance.


To be a best-in-class electrical contractor building the future with quality and efficiency to the highest level of client satisfaction.