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Electrical installation

We are sparkling good at our work. Services always on time. One-stop shop for electrical solutions. Enlightening your life from years.

Solar Installation

Solar energy usage at its finest The best energy on the planet We light up your homes, the renewable way Lighting every home with energy-efficiency

Fire Alarm & Security

Safety is no accident. Never forget about safety. Best Be Safe Today. Stand up for safety.

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Inter-com Installation

The Ultimate Communication Solution Stay Connected with Intercom Communicate Better with Intercom Make Communication Easier with Intercom Connect with Anyone,

Smart Home Automation

Make a living easy Complete home solutions Experience fine living Get the best appliances The best performance around Make home a better place

CCTV camera Installation

The security you need. Every situation is under your control. Monitor your work from home. Be right at the place you need to be

Residential Services

Luxury Homes, apartment complexes, and mixed used developments. Cover all your bases when you work with Hs Multi Tech Electrical.

Commercial Services

From office buildings to warehouses and restaurants, we give business owners the timely service they need to keep things running smoothly and efficiently.

Industrial Services

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